Hans Reidels New Orleans Joymakers
14. July 2024
Marktplatz 1, 82031 Grünwald (10 Euro Charge)
Hotel Alter Wirt
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In 1984 the Joymakers were formed as a “band-in-the-band” – as the “small” Veterinary Street Jazz Band. Hans Reidel led this band for 25 years. Since his departure in 2003, the small band has borne the current name: Hans Reidel’s New Orleans Joymakers. The freely improvised New Orleans style, which is played in the spirit of that time without copying historical models, is cultivated. The band agrees: Jazz does not mean to play after playing, but always to create anew. Therefore no concert evening is like any other. Spontaneity and the “listening to each other” let every piece “resurrect” anew and therefore lively at every performance. This also explains that there is only one studio CD from the early days, because only when played live does this music unfold the rousing spirit of the “Roaring 20s”. Good Music never dies

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