Jazz Kids – Good Weather Only –
21. July 2024
Residenzstr. 1, 80333 München
Pfaelzer Weinstube Kaiserhof der Residenz Konzert

Have you just tried to open a children’s site with the web address: www.jazzkids-muenchen.de? Then we have to disappoint you bitterly, because these kids here are in fact “Grooveties”, who make music that is even older than they are.

You will now think that the name Jazz-Kids is misleading, but that’s just how it seems, because once you have experienced with what childlike joy these old boys make old jazz, you will understand that Kids is the right name for this band.

Convince yourself of the Jazz-Kids’ childlike joy of playing by visiting us at the in der Wally (every 1st Thursday of a month), the Alter Hof or the Pfälzer Residenz-Weinstuben (Jazz Frühschoppen Sundays). Of course, the “Jazz-Kids” can also be booked for other assignments, and of course you can already specify in your will that we should play at your funeral so that the heirs do not waste the estate completely pointlessly. But we would rather play at your birthday party, wedding celebration, first communion, or baptism (but the parents of the child to be baptized should book this engagement). Also for company inaugurations, topping-out ceremonies and even bank anniversary celebrations we are not too bad and the appropriate musical background.

Since each of us masters his instrument with virtuosity, we can also be booked individually or in smaller groups. Please choose the one or the ones you would like to have on the photo. We won’t tell you who plays which instrument (too bad, you can see it on some of them), so the booking will always be a little surprise. You can also choose by name, then there is the Christian, the Markus, the Eric, the Mark, the Bernd and the Endrik. Just try it, it is always a lot of fun.

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